Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Liliflora is VIP

The first brief was released yesterday for Lilla Rogers Global Talent search.  The theme is 'little Terrariums' and can be used as a basis for a piece of wall art with pretty much no limitations on medium, style or intended market.  Great for artistic freedom, not so great for those of us who second-guess pretty much every creative decision we make!  Despite this, I do have a fair idea of what I'd like to make, and have even created a moodboard (which I rarely do), to keep me on track with colours.  The pic here was taken with my iPod in pretty poor light, so it's not too accurate, but generally a dusky pink, a sage green with gold and dark brown details is what I'm going for.  Oh, and the lovely paisley images are not going to feature in the finished piece, although I love paisleys, it was just that the colours were right!

I have a few empty embroidery hoops beside my desk, and had seen this idea on Pinterest:

All I did was use a fat quarter I bought recently, and folded it to make a pocket.  The excess is pinned at the back with dressmaking pins, because I want to use the fabric in a project later and didn't want to cut it.  It took about 30 seconds.  I think I need more embroidery hoops and some wall hooks, as I  may have just found a way to display my fat quarter collection!

The title of today's post refers to my Illustration Friday submission for this week.  The theme is 'peace,' and obviously I decided to draw one of the ways that I find peace, which is to draw!  Sitting in a cafe with a mocha and just drawing roses my way,  with the incredible G-Dragon on my iPod is a great 20 minute escape I try to steal when I can! 

Don't know who G-Dragon is?  Neither did I until I caught the Hallyu Wave in about September last year!  Hallyu refers to South Korean popular culture, and the king of that culture is the amazing G-Dragon.  Rapper, Singer, Writer, Producer, Model and the leader of the most popular K-pop group, BigBang, as well as being a solo artist in his own right.  Just check out the video, and see how many Tim Burton references you can count!  BigBang fans are called VIP's (hence the title of this post!).

Deadline for GTS submissions is 18/08/2014 (G-Dragon's birthday, hmm I sense a theme to this post!), so next week, as well as hopefully finding time to still complete an Illustration Friday submission, I hope to be able to post some cryptic, semi complete pictures of my entry.


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