Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A new challenge

The finalists have been announced in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search.  The top 50, out of 999 entries can be seen in an online gallery here.  Sadly, I'm not amongst them, however when you see the style and caliber of the finalists, it's obvious why.  My style just isn't what they were looking for.  Hmm, wonder if I can fake it next year?!

Anyway, here was my entry.  The brief was 'little terrariums.'

 I've just finished the next SoulStrike poster, showing the elements of the Flame series.  I'm not sure if I have a name for the other one yet, but there will be a black and white and a paisley series as well.  The name of this post is referring to a challenge I've somehow set myself by putting forward an expression of interest in a twilight designer fashion market.  SoulStrike is going to be a collection of t-shirts and bowling shirts, which have been altered, or 'hacked,' which feature the SoulStrike logo, in it's various forms, and other designs based off the posters.  There will also be coordinating accessories and, as previously mentioned, jewellery.  The market is called hustle and scout, and is held regularly in Canberra.  In June next year, they intend on having a day market and twilight market here in Hobart (given the timing, it would seem to perhaps coincide with Dark Mofo).  Expression of interest are being sought at the moment and applications will be called for in February.  This give me about 5-6 months to develop SoulStrike into a brand, have product and a marketing plan in place, ready to impress the organisers of the market enough to let me attend.  Easy! 
Below is the Flame poster (pic taken on iPod, so not great).  Both posters have been completed on A3 sized paper, meaning I can't scan them at home (and frankly, I'm not confident in my ability to get a decent scan of a pencil image from my scanner anyway), so I'm going to try a few of the copy centres around to see how well these drawings can be scanned, and how well they are reproduced as posters and on t-shirts.  Watch this space for the results!

Last weeks' Illustration Friday theme, Journey, didn't move me to think of something to draw about it.  This week's theme of Skull is much more straightforward.  Knocked this out during a break at work.


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