Thursday, 19 November 2015

re-launching into the blogosphere!

My, it's been a while since I've been here!

calaveras, roses, autumn palette, Japanese pattern, Mexican, Los Dias de los Muertos, sugar skulls, paisley
Autumn Macabre repeating pattern collection

I have so much respect for those craft bloggers that can come up with a new project, make it, document it and write it up every single week (sometimes multiple times per week)!  I burnt myself out trying to do it, and also lost sight of what I should really be focussing on first, which is to build a portfolio of patterns and prints first, and then worry about what they may be useful for second.

orchids, roses, helleborus, batons, blossoms, peach blossom, repeat pattern, wallpaper, floral, botanical, botanical sketch, botanical art
Serene Botanicals repeating patterns

To that end, I knuckled down to completing the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design modules 2 and 3.  Such a fantastic experience, packed with invaluable resources (access to WGSN!  OMG!  I didn't think I was into following trends, but it's just so wonderfully fascinating!), not to mention the supportive Facebook groups who still share our experiences even though the course is over, as we each step into the Surface Pattern Design world in our own ways.

peony, floral, flower, wrought iron, repeat pattern, fabric design, acanthus, shabby chic
Shabby Peony pattern collection in blue

My way, as I've said, is going to centre around developing my portfolio first.  Trying to write blog posts and manufacture my own products from my fabrics was just taking up way too much time and energy, and I found I'd stopped drawing.  Not good when drawing is what I love.  So instead of doing that, I've turned instead to sharing my work on Spoonflower, Behance, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and my brand new Redbubble shop.  This means I can create art and patterns, but still have a product focus, without being a manufacturer myself (at least, not yet!).

office supplies, stationary, mockup, peony, floral, floral repeat, shabby chic, pink, blue, intray, binder, journal, pencil case
Shabby Peony office supplies mock-ups

As you can see, I've been hard at work on different projects, producing work fairly consistently.  Now I just have to get consistent at sharing it!

Currently, I'm working on sketches for a Christmas range of patterns (a bit late in the game? probably! This year has just flown, hasn't it?) which will also be versatile enough to use at any time of the year!  I'll share as soon as they're done!

Take care,