Friday, 18 July 2014

Illustration Fridays

Thanks to the direction from a friend and amazing artist, I've started creating work in response to themes suggested on Illustration Friday.  I didn't get to uploading last week's entry, Fragile, despite the extra time that was inadvertently given!  However (if the website lets me EDIT: Well, I did manage to get it uploaded, right at the moment the theme changed!!!  This weeks' theme is "Repeat") I hope to have the following image "Invisible" uploaded shortly.  I'm finding the challenge of trying to match my style to the theme really interesting, and a big help in defining what Liliflora Pretty should be, how it should be recognisable.

Despite the online silence, I've been working hard on coloured pencil works.  As you can see from above, I still need to master the art of scanning a coloured pencil drawing (any tips would be welcome!) so they look as close to the original as possible.  Once I can do this, I'll upload my new collection, Soul Strike.  Based on Kustom Kulture and intended for bowling shirts (some of which I'm hoping to make myself and have for sale on Etsy).  I'm thinking it may even lead me back to an old love, chainmaille, completed in anodised titanium or niobium jump rings to match the vibrant colours of the collection.  Stay Tuned!


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