Thursday, 24 July 2014

An Exciting Challenge

Since starting to discover the world of surface design and illustration, there has been one name which has been prevalent in my research: Lilla Rogers.  A respected artist in her own right, Lilla's firm represents illustrators and surface pattern designers from all over the world, helping to make the connections between companies and freelancers.  A teacher in the past, Lilla is still obviously interested in helping people to develop their own style and make it lucrative, through her e-courses "Make Art that Sells."  I hope to start these courses myself next year, along with the supporting Boot Camp e-course to help with portfolio building and responding to briefs.

The reason for mention Lilla Rogers, is because I've signed up to be part of this years Global Talent Search, run by her licencing studio.  The prizes are incredible, and include many challenging and lucrative opportunities (not least of which is an all-expenses paid trip to the UK to participate in something so cool they can't even say what it is yet!).  Not that I'm expecting to be up there in the standings, however the experience of participating, with several hundred other people, in this competition, responding to briefs and potentially having work shown to some big time art buyers is pretty exciting.  Follow the link above to check out more details, and to even enter yourself!  Entries close at the end of this month.

Here is this week's entry for Illustration Friday.  The theme is "Repeat."  The image represents the repeating seasons.  As you can tell, still having issues with pencil drawing scanning.  Will need to work on it, as I think I may want to use pencil for my entries to the talent search.  Will need to do some more research!


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