Sunday, 27 April 2014

Add some colour!

It's Spoonflower Weekly Contest time again.  This time, I've entered a design in the floral colour-in wallpaper competition.  An amazing theme which has thrown up so many different ideas, as you can see from Spoonflowers' Weekly Contest page.  Head on over for a look and to vote for your favourites.

My design draws heavily on an art nouveau influence, featuring lillies (a hangover from a previous competition), irises and stylised roses.  I've printed out a smaller version of this to colour for myself and will add it to my Facebook page later in the week.

The next competition I'm working on is the very exciting Fabric8: Cosmic Voyage competition.  The winning designer gets the chance to design a fabric collection for Robert Kaufman, $1000 advance against royalties from the sale of the collection and a Wacom tablet!

My design is in the final stages of being developed.  I've learned a new digital painting technique to paint the background, and it will feature steampunk inspired designs coloured to suit a child's room.  Can't wait to share it!
There will be 100 semifinalists chosen by the sponsors and will be open for voting June 12th.  If I make it in, you'll know about it!

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