Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hand-Lettered Lovelies

My Etsy shop is now open!  While the about page and a few other parts need to be completed, there are already a few products listed for sale.  These consist of Giclee prints of quotes from Disney movies and Jewel's Lullaby album.

Disney Princess (and queen and waitress/ frog) Quotes

Frozen has been phenominally successful for Disney, inspiring hundreds of versions of the songs, especially Queen Elsa's breaking- free song Let It Go.  Couple the inspiration of this song, with the fact that you can't look anywhere, online or otherwise, without seeing hand-lettering in one form or another, and it's not such a stretch that I started my hand-lettering journey with this quote!

It was so hard to pick a quote from The Princess and the Frog.  There are so many great lines for all the main characters, it's one of Disney's funniest movies.  Eventually I settled on this one because I could incorporate the images of the frog and bug to put some life into the quote.

Again, it was hard to pick a quote from Tangled, between all the great lines and song lyrics.  I settled on this line from the song Rapunzel sings to tap into her magic.  It represents both the curse that lead to Gothel stealing her from her parents, and ultimately the salvation of the man she loved, bringing her back to them.  Hmm, deep.

Jewel Lullaby Lyric Quotes

We were given Jewel's Lullaby Album even before our baby dragon was born, and it's been a consistent part of bedtime rituals for the nearly 2 years of his life. Full of lovely songs, both traditional and some written by the artist, it may not always lull the boy to sleep, but it makes for some relaxing background music!  These hand-lettered quotes are lyrics from the songs written by Jewel including "Raven," "Sweet Dreams" and "Circle Song."

Click the Etsy badge below to go to my shop and see photo's (I'll admit, they need to be better photo's!) of these prints framed to show their actual size and appearance. Coming up soon, my first fabric collection Damask Botanical will be available for sale. The collection has already been uploaded to my Spoonflower shop (click below to go see it!), but I'm waiting on samples to check the quality before making it available for sale. There will be some great projects here on the blog so you can see the designs in action!
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