Sunday, 17 January 2016

Subversive Shabby

One of my favourite shops here in Tasmania is Flywheel.  On the High St of New Norfolk in the beautiful Derwent Valley, the shop is centred around a letterpress printing business, and features a wonderful collection of vintage and high-end stationary and printing accoutrements.

I've been working on some very pretty, very classically Shabby Chic designs, which is nice, but I felt like something was missing.  A visit to Flywheel inspired a quirkiness, a twist, that I needed to make it truly mine.  Victorian era style 'etchings' printed onto cardboard tags in their own letterpress studio, and wonderful old-fashioned anatomy posters gave me the start.

Later that day I shared two pictures on Instagram that got me the most likes I've ever received:

I've paired the skull with one of the Shabby Chic designs which will form part of a collection to be released at the start of March:

In the meantime, I've also been experimenting with some fantastic Derwent Inktense pencils I received for Christmas and shared this picture on Instagram:

And now I've combined the skull with this more dramatic palette to create a stand-alone print which is available for sale as a digital download on Etsy here.

It's also available on select products in my shop here.

This sort of one-off image that doesn't really belong in a collection is a lot of fun, and expect to see more off-beat twists on classically pretty styles in the future!

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