Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Colouring pages on Etsy!

There's no doubt about the phenomenon that is colouring books for adults.  From Johanna Basford's Secret Garden through to Art Nouveau Game of Thrones, you'll find a colouring book to suit any genre, interest and level of detail you desire.

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Well, as usual, I'm late to the party, but I nonetheless have jumped on to this colourful bandwagon and created some colouring pages which feature inspirational quotes.

Included are "Tempus Fugit," to remind us that time will move on without us if we let it, "Make Good Art" inspired by Neil Gaiman's incredible speech and three other messages of encouragement.  Check out the Etsy listing for more details!

Before you head over there, though you'll want to read down to the bottom of this very short post, trust me!

To get you started, I'm including here two free colouring page printables, featuring lovely bold roses and a banner for your own quotes, as well as one with "You Can Do It" already printed on it!


View the blank banner version here, and the "You Can Do It" version here.  Save them to your computer and print them as they are.  If your computer gives you a warning about the size of the file and that there will be some clipping, this is fine, you don't need to resize the files at all.

There'll be more printable colouring pages to download from my Etsy shop, so keep an eye on my Instagram, Etsy store or follow on Facebook for new listings!

So, you read down all this way?  Good on you!  Just for that, you get this discount coupon for my Etsy shop, giving you a 15% discount on any purchase over $5!  The coupon code is: COLOURING

Thanks again, happy colouring and please let me know if there's colouring pages you'd like to see and please share your colouring with my via email, instagram or facebook!

Take care,


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