Friday, 20 March 2015

Shabby Rosie Posey

Welcome to this week's tutorial: making your own gorgeous little shabby chic poseys!  This tutorial will also feature a couple of alternative uses for your posies and flowers.  Let's get making!

shabby chi rose flower lace velvet button pearl bead

For this tutorial you will need the following:
  • Velvet ribbon 1.5cm wide cut to 10cm lengths (5/8ths" by 4")
  • Lace. Mine is 3.5cm cut to 12cm lengths (1 3/8ths " by 4 3/4")
  • Florists wire.  The wire used here comes in 46cm lengths (about 18"), some are left full length for beading and stringing buttons, others are cut in half for the velvet and lace roses.
  • Needle and Thread (use a colour that blends in with the lace)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon for tying posey
  • Florists or washi tape
  • Pliers (preferably a pair each of needle nose and round nose, as well as nippers for cutting the wire.  If you only have a pair of normal household pliers, that's ok.  See the notes in the tutorial about how to use these.)
  • Beads.  These could be glass or plastic.  Use a mix of pearls, rounds and spears.
  • Buttons.  Make pairs of buttons, one larger than the other.
  • Craft glue, bamboo skewer and cardboard to protect your work surface.

velvet ribbon florist wire craft glue scissors pliers ribbon beads wire


Start by forming your velvet ribbon roses.  For full instructions, check out my Rolled Rose Tutorial post.

rolled rose velvet ribbon fabric craft diy flower

Make 3 each of light pink and dark pink.

Next, make the lace flowers.  Thread a needle with sewing cotton in a colour to match your lace (mine is slightly contrasting so you can see it) and form a large waste knot at the end.  Roll up the first 2 centimetres (1") and put a stitch through the bottom of it to hold it in place.  Make large basting stitches along the bottom of your lace, then pull and coil the lace to form a ruffled rose shape.  Put a few stitches through the bottom of it, making sure to sew through all the layers.

lace rose flower wire pliers sewing

Using a pair of flat pliers (or household pliers wrapped with masking tape to soften the ridges), wrap the end of one of your half-lengths of wire around the base of the lace rose.  Make sure to enclose all the layers, and squeeze to tighten.  Make 6 lace roses.

To add stems to your velvet roses, start by making a coil at the end of one of the half-lengths of wire.  Use round nose pliers to get started (or use household pliers and bed the end of the wire around the bamboo skewer), then use needle nose pliers, to pinch the coil and bend it along the length of the wire.  When the coil is about 1cm in diameter, bend it at 90 degrees to the rest of the wire length.

wire wrapping pliers coil flower rose velvet ribbon

Use craft (or hot glue if you prefer), to bond the velvet roses to the wire coil.

To wire the buttons, use full length wires folded loosely in half.  Thread the two ends into the buttonholes (diagonally opposite if using buttons with 4 holes) of a small button and a larger button.  Hold the wire with pliers and turn the buttons with your fingers to twist the wires together and secure the button so it doesn't move.  Continue to twist the length of the wire together.  Make 3 - 4 button wires.

buttons wire pliers wire wrapping

Use a similar method for the beaded wires.  Fold a full length wire loosely in half to find the middle.  Thread the bead, pearl or crystal on one end until it's in the middle, then twist the wires by holding them near the bead with pliers and using your fingers to turn the bead.  Be careful to wind onlly tight enough to stop the bead from moving, without over winding as they can be fragile.  Make 2-3 beaded wires for each kind of bead you're using.

olive green plastic glass crystal spear briolette wire

Put together your posey by holding the stems in your hand, adding different types of roses, button wires and beaded wires, until it's all together.  Use the florist or washi tape to hold the posey together, and then use a ribbon to tie a bow.  Trim the stems as necessary with pliers.

roses flowers buttons beads crystals wire washi tape

lace buttons beads crystals wire velvet

vevelvet ribbon buttons lace beads pearls crystals

lace velvet roses flowers bouquet posey washi tape

Posey's like this make great decor and gifts, but there are many other applications for these forever flowers.
Boutonniere corsage wedding favour ribbon flowers key vintage

This boutonniere was made with a lace rose, a velvet rose, a button and a plastic rose which was attached to a wire using the same method as the velvet rose.  The stems were then wrapped in white ribbon and the vintage style key tied on with ivory ribbon.

embroidery hoop tag shabby flowers roses lace ribbon button

This wreath was made with an embroidery hoop.  Wide white ribbon was wrapped around where the flowers were going.  A posey of lace, velvet and plastic roses with bead and button wires was attached in place with pink lace and pins.  The shipping tag was stamped and the lace was attached with double sided tape before the button and rose were added with glue.  Finally, a ribbon was attached to the top of the tag and the tag attached to the hoop with double sided tape.

hair slide accessory fashion roses ribbon button velvet

Three lengths of wire were used to anchor the plastic and velvet ribbon roses.  The ends were coiled  and then the wires were glued to the middle of the slide.  The glue was hidden with ribbon and buttons glued on, then the flowers attached.

Thought of more uses for these pretty little poseys?  Let me know in the comments, and share your pics on instagram! (tag me in @liliflorapretty so I can share it)

Keep watching over the next few weeks for some exciting developments for both Liliflora Pretty and a revisit to a previous project I may have just found a happy home for!

Take care,


  1. Those are so pretty. I love how you've used different things to add variety.

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