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Shabby Chic Tag Bunting Affirmation Garland

Following an experiment with the fun neon stationary that came with the New Years' issue of Mollie Makes, I decided to have a go at a different style of bunting.  Because, hey, who doesn't love bunting!

Shabby Chic Tag Bunting Affirmation Garland Tutorial

This tutorial is no-sew and really easy.  It's a great way to use up some gorgeous fabric scaps and show off those little treasures and blingy bits we all seem to accumulate as crafters.  To make it even easier, I've already created some tags for you!  Download them (Page 1 and Page 2), and follow along with the instructions below the main tutorial!

ribbon lace tags roses bunting charms

You will need some large buff coloured shipping tags, mine are about 5.5cm x 11cm (2" x 4 1/4").  You can find these in newsagents and stationary supply stores.
You will also need something to string your bunting together.  I used some bakers' twine with some subtle metallic thread twisted through it.  You could use twine, ribbon, lace, a tape measure, braided cord or even chain or some of that fluffy cord they use to trim fancy lingerie!
I made my bunting 1 metre (approximately 40") so I could string it along a shelf near my desk.  Because my tags are fairly large versus the length of the bunting, I only need about 7 tags so it doesn't look too cluttered.  If your bunting is longer or your tags are smaller, you could use more of them.  Depending on how many other ribbons, embellishments or fabric scraps you want to string along your bunting, the tags could be spaced close together or further apart.  I like my bunting to not be too fussy, so my tags are about 10-15cm (4"-6") apart.

To decorate the tags and fill the gaps, you'll need any (or all!) of the following (or whatever else this list inspires you to use!):

  • Fabric scraps.  I'm using scraps my from Coy Blooms fabric collection
  • Ribbon in colours to compliment your fabrics of varying textures and widths
  • Old book pages, music notation, kraft paper, decorative paper (e.g for scrapbooking or giftwrap)
  • Washi tape, glitter tape, foil tape
  • Beads, charms, chandelier crystals, bells, rhinestones, buttons or any other suitable embellishments
  • Tassels, chain, continuous beaded string, ric rac, lace.

ribbon fabric buttons chain tags chandelier lace beads bells

To finish this bunting you'll need the following:

  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Craft glue, hot glue, glue stick
  • Coloured pens, markers, metallic pens, gel pens

The idea behind this project is to include affirmations, words of encouragement and inspiration.  Hand write these on your tags or on the paper and fabric you stick to your tags as you go along.  Here are some examples of what you might write:

  • You can do it!
  • You go, girl!
  • Never Stop Dreaming
  • Believe
  • Keep Trying
  • Keep going
  • You're Awesome
  • You're the Best
  • Don't give up!
  • Fighting/ Hwaiting! (ok, showing my love of K-Pop here!  Hwaiting, pronounced as Fighting, is a popular word in Korea.  It's meant as an encouraging 'You can do it!' and is normally said while making a fist-pumping action.  Don't say I don't teach you anything!)

Include an affirmation on at least half of your tags.  Make it as personal as you like, it's all about you!

rhinestones roses lace ribbon fabric charms washi tape

Getting Started

Start by cutting your bunting string to length, remembering to leave enough to tie the ends into loops so it can be hooked or pinned up where you want it.  Arrange your tags along the length, without attaching them, to get a real feel for the spacing and how many tags you will need.

Now, the fun bit: decorating your tags!  Use a glue stick or double-sided tape to apply papers and fabrics, and use craft or hot glue to attach charms, buttons and other embellishments.  Hand write your affirmations as you go.  Here are detail shots of my tags and a few notes on how I made each one:
ribbon foil tape glitter tape dream handlettering rose charm
Fabric, ribbon, foil tape, rose charm applied with hot glue,
 and handlettering.
rose lace rhinestone book page
Torn book page with fabric cut with pinking shears, rhinestones
and lace applied with hot glue.
button key mint bookpage ribbon
Book page and fabric with ribbon, button and key charm

lace charm handlettering affirmation thread ribbon fabric
Affirmation on craft paper in brass frame on fabric, lace, and ribbon
glitter tape fighting hwaiting rosebud pearl foil tape handlettering
Handlettering with foil tape, glitter tape, flower punched book page with fabric rosebud and flatback faux pearl
handlettering fabric velvet ribbon rhinestone button lace
Handlettering with fabric, velvet ribbon, lace, and hot glued button and rhinestones
fabric ribbon foil tape rose charm
Fabric with ribbon, glitter tape and foil tape and a rose charm attached with hot glue

Unless you're going to be hanging them somewhere they will be seen on both sides, you really only need to decorate one side.

When you're happy with your tags, use ribbon, lace or twine to attach them to your bunting string.

Between each tag, tie on ribbons, lace, ric rac, fabric scraps etc.  Doubled over washi tape, or paper held in place with double sided tape can also be used to fill in the gaps.  I used some dragon tear drops and bells to make mine sparkly and sensory.  A few tassels and beaded string and it's all done!

lace ribbon beads tags garland bunting

A great Crafternoon project to put some positivity in your day, and put some of your lovely craft supplies on show!

For an even quicker version, download my printable tags (Page 1 and Page 2), featuring Coy Bloom patterns and already adorned with encouraging messages.  Here's what they look like (Yay!  My first printables!):

free printablefree printable

Start by printing them out on the sturdiest cardstock that will fit smoothly through your printer.  Don't scale or clip before printing, just print at 100%.  Cut out the tags and strips using scissors or a rotary trimmer.

free printable

You could punch holes where indicated on the tags to hang them from your string (I used cotton string for this one, see above for other ideas!), but I just attached them using glitter tape to keep the string flat and give a bit of sparkle.

free printable

Fold the strips in half and use scissors to cut a tail as shown below:

Apply double-sided tape to the back of one half of each strip.  Position the strip so the string sits in the fold line, then take the backing off the double sided tape and press the two sides of the strip.  There are enough strips to sit between each tag and at either end of the bunting.

When all your tags and strips are attached to your bunting string find a place to hang it where you can see the positive messages everyday!
free printable tags

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  Don't forget to let me know what you think of it in the comments.  Oh yeah, and I'm now on Google+, so add me to your craft and blog circles for more tutorial updates!

Have a great week!

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