Sunday, 7 December 2014

A few things while I'm waiting

Lots to share in this post.  I'm still waiting for the Coy Blooms samples to arrive from Spoonflower (only shipped about a week ago, so expecting about another week before receiving), so I thought I'd do a few things while I wait.  Like, create another whole (almost!) collection!  This one's tentatively called Oriental Paisley (Obvious? Damn skippy!) and will have two sides, one being more feminine and the other more masculine, but both still in colour ways that allow for a lot of mixing and matching between the coordinates.  Here are some samples:

You might recognise the pattern from my previous blog post as one of my entries for the Make it in Design scholarship competition. I've now submitted this entry and have to wait a WHOLE MONTH before the winner is announced!  In the meantime I need to decide whether to actually enrol in this course or in Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells course and bootcamp.  Both are so highly recommended and run by people of good standing in the industry.  I really want to do both!

Following on from the mention of Spoonflower further up, I've entered a design in their Winter Toile contest coming up next week.  It's been a while since I entered one of their weekly competitions, and I've been collecting images of toile de jouy on my Pinterest so I thought I'd give it a go.  It took about a day from start to finish, and is pretty basic, but not too bad for a first exploration.  See what you think.  I'll post a link on Facebook when it's open for voting.

I think that with a bit more time and thought, this could be a start to a Christmas-themed collection for both paper and fabric.  Of course, being that time of year, I've been thinking a lot about Christmas and the design opportunities it presents.  I've come up with a colour palette, with an idea for designs that would compliment not just Christmas, but any occasion for celebration, and maybe even be appropriate for nursery decor.

I'm currently falling in love with colour, and palette creation.  I'm mostly drawn to art styles because of the patterns: shapes, lines, intricacy, repeats and flourishes.  But, since starting to combine different styles of art and design from different cultures and time periods, I've found that it's colour that brings them together and makes everything seem to belong.  Look out for more colour palettes and mood boards in the future!

I will post up pics when the samples get here, in the meantime, check out my shiny new About Me page!

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